Coaches and Leaders: You CAN Afford a Coach This Summer!

YES YOU CAN AFFORD A COACH! Celebrate summer by giving yourself and your business the gift of coaching!

Leaders today are facing unprecedented challenges, creating a ripe landscape for coaching.  Of course, there’s a catch-22.  You know you could benefit from an executive coaching program, but your organization has put a freeze on large professional development expenditures. How will you get the training and support you need during these stressful times? The only real job security is in your ability to own and lead your career.  An executive coach is your partner in improving your internal brand, leadership skills, and confidence to own and influence the organization.

Coaches today face challenges in growing their businesses while serving their clients, and the overwhelm produced by the onslaught of social media.  The problem is, your coach training school didn’t do a great job of teaching you how to integrate networking, marketing and sales for business development results.  Do you know how to get clients?  Do you know how to leverage Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In to increase your network?  You can’t afford NOT to be growing your business right now.


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