Career Success Teleseries is Coming Soon!

Getting hired is no accident!
Who do you know that might benefit from this upcoming Teleseries
“Career Success Toolkit” starting September 22,
2010 with career expert Marshall Brown?
Maybe it’s you? A friend? An out-of-work colleague?
In this rare jam-packed program, you’ll learn:
· Secrets to creating a powerful resume that gets you
noticed and opens doors
· How to create compelling cover letters and marketing
letters that GRAB attention
· The best job search strategies for you, including how
to assemble your own job search plan
· How to network like a pro, including how to develop
a great 30-second commercial
· How to ace any interview, get the job offer, and
negotiate for perks and more money
· The Top 10 strategies for ongoing career success…how
to make it to the top and stay there
The “Career Success Toolkit” Teleseries
is a rare chance for you to learn insider secrets,
avoid making common mistakes, AND have fun…
all under the attentive eye of top
career professional Marshall Brown who is
dedicated to your mastery.
Getting Hired Is No Accident!
In today’s job market, resumes have become PURE
MARKETING. If your resume is to open doors for
you—within 10 seconds of landing on an employer’s
desk—your resume MUST sell your value, what you
can offer, and what your unique value offer is.
“Marshall has an uncanny ability to guide his clients to
maintain a motivated job search. His networking
coaching is incredible, and he exceptionally accessible.
In today’s competitive marketplace, it is critical that
executive talent have exceptional guidance to secure
your employment goals. I recommend Marshall,
without reservation.”
– Bill Williams
The best achievers have certain things in common – they
do the same things, they think the same way, they avoid
the same traps, and they distinguish themselves as high
achievers, the ones to watch, the ones to promote.
Learn how to be in the Top 1%…and stay there!
He’ll show you how!
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to
invest in your career success!
Space is strictly limited so sign up today to
receive a $50 Ahead-Of-The-Curve discount by midnight
September 15th.
Only $475
($525 after September 16th)
Sign up here!

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Suzi, I know this is going to be a great Teleseries! I’ve been on several of Marshall’s calls. He provides resources you won’t find on the internet, along with recordings of the calls in mp3 format and other great bonuses!

Awesome, Tya! Isn’t Marshall great? And with you organizing the event, it’s sure to be a successful series!

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