Action Precedes Motivation


How often have you had the idea of something big or important you wanted to do and yet didn’t quite feel motivated to get started?  Remember thinking that you wanted to be more prepared or that you wanted to get your ducks in a row before taking action?
This is backwards thinking…although it’s how everyone thinks.  Let’s turn that around.
That means you can’t wait until you get motivated before you act, because taking action is what causes motivation to act more.  Think about it!  What did it take to start your company? Write that book? Begin that exercise program? Organize your clutter? Develop that presentation deck? Have that difficult conversation? Get out there to sell as opposed to staying in and writing one more blog post or article?
All of these important ventures require action.  Results happen out of actions.  Actions and results are created by powerful conversations.
So next time you find yourself wanting a different result or outcome, put yourself into action before you feel motivated to do it and remember that motivation comes after the first act.
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