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“I entered this book with some trepidation. All too frequently, Yoga is either treated as an isolated practice or treated in a very superficial manner as a set of steps to be taken on the road to awakening (or at least relaxation and stress-reduction). Suzi Pomerantz and Linda Lang have done something that is all too rare. They have built a bridge across the Pacific Ocean, uniting Eastern and Western thought and practices. Words from the West (such as “bottom line”) intermingle with words from the East (most notably “asana”). Pomerantz and Lang have moved well beyond this isolated and superficial treatment of yoga. They offer the real thing—identifying and focusing on contemporary challenges: stress, executive presence and VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. This is at the heart of the matter a book about the internalization and embodiment of learning. You can trust the insights and suggestions offered by Pomerantz and Lang.” ~ William Bergquist, Ph.D., President of The Professional School of Psychology and author of over 50 books

Captures the Essence of Yoga and Leadership and Makes Deep Connections Between Them
“This book has captured the essence of the concept of “Yoga of Leadership” beautifully! It brings a much-needed awareness to the relationship between yoga and leadership. In each chapter, the description of the yoga asana, its principles and how it relates to leadership is fluid and clear. It’s also profound enough that someone will have to read it carefully to get the full meaning of it. That makes it “one of those books” that you read often and find something different every time you read it. It goes perfectly as a book which you carry in your briefcase and refer to it frequently. I can picture someone in a hotel room, preparing for the meeting the next day and going through parts of the book and doing the exercises. On the yoga front, it adds to what I already know about Yoga. It gives me a new perspective, a new way of looking at Yoga. The depth of the writing is incredible. I love the parallels it draws between Yoga and leadership. I have often thought about these parallels but did not realize how deep they go. For someone who does not think about them on a daily basis, it should make even better, fresher connections between Yoga and leadership. Definitely something I would want to give to my friends, clients and colleagues as gift. In fact, it adds a much needed, physical dimension to what I do in business coaching and management training.”  ~Bhavesh Naik, Founder/Creative Director, Awayre LLC
An Insightful Connection Between Leadership and Yoga
“A few years ago I finally accepted the suggestions of several friends that I try Yoga. They knew I had a busy life and I was juggling many different leadership roles as a teacher, workshop facilitator, business executive, mentor, coach and grandparent. Yoga, my peers insisted would help me achieve balance in my life and find an opportunity to create a quiet and contemplative time in my busy schedule. I hesitated to signup because I said to myself, “why do I need yet another demand on my time.”  I did sign up and what surprised me the most was how aligned the principles of Yoga were with the principles of leadership. And that’s the theme of Yoga of Leadership by Suzi Pomerantz and Linda Stern Lang. Their clearly written book takes the ten poses (asanas) of Yoga and shows how each pose is related to leadership principles. They make it easy for the reader to make this connection even without any Yoga experience. For example, each chapter describers the asana, how to practice it (with a picture for emphasis); discusses related core leadership concepts and points of view; and then cements this to “Yogic Points of View.”  The intention of this book parallels the intention of Yoga. Think inside the box. In this case the box is you. In other words, the authors believe that effective leadership comes from inside the leader. Despite the multitude of leadership books and millions of Google hits on leadership, leadership or “executive presence,”, according to the authors, is the total expression of an authentic self; and Yoga requires being grounded and fully present. The two spheres are virtually identical.  My take away from this book was that my own Yoga practice only scratched (not a Yoga term) the surface as far as the meaning I could have gained from the practice. The book has helped gain much more depth from Yoga and has helped me make a much deeper connection to the leadership I practice in my work life.” ~ Rey Carr, CEO of Peer Resources and author
The Focused Leader
As an executive coach, I find that getting leaders to slow down is difficult but necessary to great leadership. Yoga and meditation have been at the core of helping transform leaders. I personally have found it so, and those I coach who’ve also done so see the difference. This book integrates good theory and practice of both yoga and leadership and should appeal to any thoughtful leader.”  ~ Steve Gladis, Ph.D, CEO and author of Positive Leadership and 15 other leadership books
A Holistic Guidebook For Leading In Turbulent Times
Great Leadership Metaphors

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