How Do YOU Fascinate?

Sally Hogshead has written a captivating book that I’m still reading, called Fascinate.
One of the Leading Coaches, David McGraw, wrote a great review of her book on the Leading Coaches’ Center, which you can check out HERE.
There’s also this cool website that Sally has that allows you to answer 28 quickie questions and get back instant results on your fascination score (or F Score as she calls it) and how to use it in your marketing.  VERY interesting…
Which triggers are you using in your coaching business to persuade and captivate not only prospective clients, but current clients? Would you like to know your personality Fascination Score? Find out:
You have seven potential fascination triggers: power, trust, mystique, prestige, vice, alarm, and lust. Each trigger leads to a different style of communication, and a different type of relationship. The more accurately you identify your personality triggers, and the more intelligently you hone them, the more influential your message becomes.
Through proprietary research of 1,059 people, with bite-sized video explanations, the F Score has been carefully designed to highlight which triggers you naturally apply.
When I first started exchanging messages with Sally on Twitter, she asked me what I think my primary fascination trigger is.  I naturally replied TRUST because as an executive coach, much of my work is built on the trust I create with my leader clients.  So I was shocked to learn that not only is TRUST not my primary OR secondary trigger, it’s actually my “dormant trigger”, which means it’s the one I’m least likely to apply in my personality and behavior.  Huh?! Turns out my primary trigger is Prestige.  Go figure.
If you want to see my F-Score, read the rest of this post on the Leading Coaches’ Center!

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I absolutely loved this book (haven’t quite finished it yet) just wanted to say this is a must-read. I have a feeling this book is going to gain momentum and make a huge impact shortly…

I know what you mean, Patsi! I’m still reading it, too, and Sally has crafted it cleverly…she uses each trigger to keep me fascinated as she transitions to the next trigger she describes. LOVE that! She’s the real deal…I’ve tweeted with her and must say she’s delightful…you get the sense reading her book that she writes just like she talks, and that she’d be really fun to have drinks with!

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