Dr. Marcia Reynolds shows us how to outsmart our brains!

Marcia Reynolds is a prolific author, speaker, coach and blogger, and you can read the first chapter of her book “Outsmart Your Brain” at the Library of Professional Coaching.

The first chapter of Outsmart Your Brain: How to Make Success Fell Easy, by Dr. Marcia Reynolds, lays out the case for being emotionally aware at work. It then goes into how the brain processes input and what triggers emotions. Finally, the chapter includes exercises coaches can use with their clients to help them become emotionally aware as the first step toward emotional mastery.  READ IT HERE: http://libraryofprofessionalcoaching.com/research/brain-behavior/a-sample-chapter-of-outsmart-your-brain-how-to-make-success-feel-easy-by-dr-marcia-reynolds/

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