Book Review: Are you engaged in Thriving Work?

My dear friend, Ann Strong, wrote a beautiful little book that will help you engage in all the right stuff in 2012 and always.  This is not part of one of those book launch promotions, in fact, she doesn’t even know I’m writing this post, and I get no kick back or affiliate dollars from the sales of her book…I just know you’ll enjoy it so I’m recommending it!
About Thriving Work: Whether we are just starting our business or taking it to the next level, our human nature tends to cause us to doubt or second-guess ourselves. The most potent remedy is counter-intuitive. Instead of striving for ‘perfection,’ committing to imperfect vulnerability, expression and aliveness naturally evokes radiant clarity and confidence. Coaches, consultants, healers – and any other self-employed personal and business service professionals – will find Thriving Work serves as both partner and daily practice in ‘walking our talk.’
My endorsement of the book: “One part business coach, one part poetess, and one part priestess, Ann Strong has given us a transcendent new type of business book. Thriving Work serves as a guide for how to bring your divine human self fully to work.”
Access a sample chapter of her book here (Chapter title = SOURCE):
And another sample chapter here (Chapter title = RESISTANCE) :
Enjoy! It makes a great gift as well because it’s filled with beautiful images.  🙂

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