Awakened Leadership by Alan E Shelton

Every once in awhile the universe taps you on the shoulder and hands you something worth paying attention to.  Alan’s book, Awakened Leadership, is one of those tappings!  He wrote it as a labor of love; a way to contribute and add value at the end of a long corporate career, and then it was endorsed by Marshall Goldsmith and other big names as well as picked up for use at Notre Dame and Georgetown!  There’s a foreword written by Bob Anderson of The Leadership Circle.  Alan is just giving this book of gems away!  Below you’ll find a great video trailer, and you can download the first 60 pages of sample material HERE and can contact Alan directly for a copy of the entire book if you want the whole thing.

Here’s a note from Alan to you:

I recently wrote a book entitled Awakened Leadership: Beyond Self-Mastery. This book was written at the urging of many of my friends and thought leaders in the leadership space. It seems over the years, as I discussed my personal journey, that many felt that the nuggets of wisdom embedded in my stories were useful. So this book is a combination of two flavors. The first several chapters describe my own journey on the path of awakening, including my trips to see the Masters in India. This journey secondly, both corporate and personal, migrated into the developmental segment of leadership theory. When I recognize this I simply contributed my experience into the maturity continuum theory that the corporate world today is beginning to embrace. I was lucky in that Bob Anderson, a renowned leadership contributor, dubbed my book as opening the next conversation in corporate leadership. It turns out that while there are books with theories, diagrams, and models, there are few if any experiential accounts. So this book is a storybook and then an application of those stories into the leadership arena. My invitation to you is to read this book and make my stories your stories. By standing in your own experience and extracting your own intuitive wisdom, you are on the path to awakened leadership.

Once you read Alan’s book, I encourage you to review it for him on Amazon or LinkedIn.  Happy reading!

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