Yoga of Leadership

Yoda of Leadership Book Cover

Yoda of Leadership Book CoverTired of the normal prescriptions of do more, be more, do it faster, cheaper, better, smarter? Today’s leaders need a break! This book shows leaders a way to be powerful and effective in the midst of it all while retaining (or reclaiming) sanity, serenity, and grounded focus. Yoga provides tools to survive and thrive in an increasingly complex world. Presence of mind, peace, balance, strength, confidence, space, freedom ~ what leader couldn’t use more of these? The principles and lessons of yoga have a direct and profound impact on how leaders create and operate their organizations and themselves, even if those leaders never take up the physical practice of yoga.

This book is for you if:

  • You are a leader: whether emerging, novice, experienced, or sage.
  • You are a leader: whether of a company, a not-for-profit organization, a small business, an initiative, a project, a social movement, politics, a team, a community, a congregation, a family, a group, a life, or yourself.
  • You are seeking an easier way to connect to your role as a leader amidst the frenzied pace of business and life today.
  • You are overwhelmed, and know there’s a better way.
  • You want strategies for how to regularly access your inner wisdom and find your voice as a leader without missing a beat in your day–to-day work or life.
    You are anywhere on the yoga spectrum: practicing or not, love yoga or have no idea what yoga is, you keep hearing about it or you’ve maybe tried one class, you’ve seen people do yoga, you practice regularly, you teach yoga, you are an enlightened yogi master.

Wherever you are on the yoga spectrum, you will find new connections, a new perspective, and a new way of looking at both Yoga and Leadership.

This book could also be subtitled: The Inner Game of Leading, since the Yoga of Leadership gives you insight and practices for how to manage your own mind and energy to be most effective as a leader regardless of circumstances in which you find yourself.It’s crucial to your success in leadership, whether you are leading a company, your career, a family, a team, or a community. Think of it as a holistic guidebook that takes you to an integrated approach to leadership. Most education for leaders is outside of ourselves. We go to university and graduate school, we read books, we attend trainings and webinars, watch TED talks or attend conferences — it’s all external information coming in from other sources. We have knowledge and wisdom internally that we don’t always access or even know how to access in any given situation. That’s what this book is about. It’s about how to play your inner game of leadership. This book is written for anyone who finds the competing demands of life difficult to balance. It’s for people who aspire to leadership and have questions. It’s for people who wake up in leadership roles and wonder, “what now?” It’s for people who are entrenched in their leadership role and questioning the demands and perks in search of meaning. It’s for people who want success without sacrificing inner peace. It’s for people who want to know how to operationalize their intuition.

We explore what yoga and leadership have to do with each other. Principles of yoga create harmony, balance, strength, confidence, flexibility, awareness and joy. The tool of awareness is the secret to the way we impact others. Everything comes from it: motivation, leading others, mastering yourself, making a difference, getting results. Yoga of Leadership is access to that awareness of yourself as a leader.