Taming the Social Media Monster


How can you make Social Media work for your company? This ebook will give you 5 practical suggestions to easily gain unfair advantage.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The 5 critical errors most companies and leaders make with regards to social media and what to do about each one
  • How to embrace change and create a unified strategy for your organization
  • Why it’s not enough just to have an account, profile or page on each of the main social networks
  • How to align your social media involvement with your corporate values, brand, and overall objectives
  • Using social media to create informative conversations with your consumers and stakeholders
  • How to capitalize on customer enthusiasm
  • The risks your company faces if you lack a social media policy and implementation of tools and systems to monitor and enforce that policy
  • The importance of educating managers and employees regarding use of social media for the benefit of the organization
  • Leveraging social media as a research tool to gain up to the minute information about your industry
  • The difference between advertising and the free media exposure available via social media

Here’s how you’ll benefit:

Social media usage is not just for teens and celebrities. Explore how social media might benefit your organization in handling a crisis, contribute to marketing, or expediting broad-reach communication needs. Leverage relationships on social media to find new vendors, suppliers, and talent. Create advocates, agents, and raving fans for your company, product, or service. Gather business intelligence on competitors and set the stage for strategic alliances.

“As a veteran of the social media industry – and it does move fast – I was still able to gain some valuable gems out of this book. Whether you are new to social media or an advanced marketer, this book is a must read. While most books on the topic are a heavy read, Taming the Social Media Monster, is quick, fun, AND entertaining. Pick up a copy today. You can’t go wrong.”
~ Shama Kabani, CEO, Speaker, and Author of the Best-Selling The Zen of Social Media Marketing.

“Taming the Social Media Monster is a must read for anyone in business today. The book provides great insight not only into the power of social media, but the bottom line benefits it can bring to those businesses willing to invest in a strategy. In every chapter, the authors give you practical information, and easily implemented ideas and techniques. I plan to keep this book on hand, and use it as my guide to not only tame but master the Social Media Monster!”
~ Meridith Elliott Powell – Coach, Speaker, Author of 42 Rules To Turn Your Prospects Into Customers

“Very cool book. Concise (at 50 pages) and to the point on a growing important subject: Social Media. This is something CEOs might actually read! Made me think about what I was and was not doing that I should and should not be doing regarding social media.”
~ Steve Gladis, Ph.D., CEO and Author of 15 books on leadership