Distinguishing Networking Marketing and Sales: The Chart from Seal the Deal

Distinguishing Networking, Marketing, and Sales*

Pipeline buildingPositioning yourselfProspecting
Genuine interest in othersMarket researchUnderstanding sales process
Meeting peopleStrategy, conceptual approachesKnowing your hit rates and numbers
Talking to people and getting to know them betterPlanning activities for acquisition, retention, or reacquisition of buyersTracking progress
Getting out there and creating relationships of all kindsAlone in your office, in front of your computerMaking calls
Asking to meet other people – asking for introductionsProviding information about who you are and what you do:  shameless self-promotion!Setting up appointments with the express agenda of finding out about the current issues a prospect is facing
Follow upShowing people what you do, perhaps including pro bono workClient meetings to tell people what you do
Manners, etiquette, social gracesCreating text, writing letters, researching clients and prospectsProposals
Introducing people to each other with an eye to expanding others’ networksWriting and publishing articles, columns, booksFollow-up
Activities that yield human connection and interaction, not necessarily related to businessSpeaking engagements, teaching opportunitiesMoving people through your pipeline
Nine Mindsets of NetworkingPR and Media, AdvertisingActivities that directly yield clients, contracts, business dollars
Finding out what people do, where they do it, why they do it and what they want to doWebsite or brochure building, fine-tuning, managementAction Selling System
Connection-SeekingImage and collateral things:  logo, letterhead, business cards, etc.Asking for the buy
Informational interviewsBranding (sustainable, consistent, recognizable, uniqueness)Contracting

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* Excerpted from Seal the Deal: The Essential Mindsets for Growing Your Professional Services Business (HRD Press, 2006) by Suzi

Pomerantz.  Available now Amazon.com, BN.com and HRDPress.com.  www.innovativeleader.com

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You and Freddie are a fabulous duo and I came away with some great ideas. Thank you. See you in June.


Thanks, Wendy! I’m delighted you could join us and I’m so glad you walked away with new ideas!

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